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I just wanted to let you know that out of all of the tours we ran through the duration of this last conference, yours was by far the best reviewed.

People came back from Friday’s tour raving about it so much that we had a list of ten people trying to switch to that tour on Saturday (I’m happy to say we were able to let them go!) We didn’t receive one piece of negative feedback from any of your visitors.

One lady was in tears telling me how it reminded her of her younger days, when she was living on a farm in the rural south of Ireland. One teenage boy from the States, arriving at the hotel after his Saturday visit to your farm, had a smile from ear to ear and was telling everyone within hearing distance how he had baked his own bread. He then proceeded to thank me for “getting him a place on the coolest tour ever.”

Two ladies, who I doubt had ever been on a farm in their life, came back Saturday evening giggling and saying how their trip to Causey Farm was the best part of their trip to Ireland.

I’m sure you must hear praise like this all of the time, but I just wanted to make sure you knew how much everyone enjoyed your program. Also, from my side of things, dealing with you Deirdre was the easiest out of all of the tours I had to book. So thank you for making my life easier. And sorry once again for continually calling your mobile rather than your business line!

Thanks for all of your help, and for giving our guests an experience that they will cherish forever. I wish you nothing but the best in the future.

June 5, 2013