Covid 19 Safety Precautions

Causey Farm’s SafeVisit Programme has been designed to make sure we keep all our staff and visitors safe as we navigate through this coronavirus situation. We are doing everything we can to ensure the farm remains a safe place to visit and as well as the usual checks we have put in place the following:

Physical Distancing

Customers will be required to practise physical distancing by standing at least 2 metres away from other groups / families. The trail is signposted with small arrowed signs and as long as people keep at least as far apart as the signs they will be much more than 2 metres apart. As children may not understand the importance of this, we ask that all children are kept in close view of the adults in their group.

Hand Sanitiser

There will be accessible disinfectant hand sanitiser available at the entrance to the farm, the Cow’s Lick Ice Cream Parlour and along the route.

Extra Disinfection

All areas will be cleaned frequently and a staff member will be allocated to continuously sanitise surfaces and bathrooms with particular attention being paid to high-use areas such as toilets, taps, counter tops and handles.

Timed visits

Each family/group will wait until the previous group has moved well ahead of them. The farm has ample space to hold many times the number of people we are booking in and still keep more than 2m apart, however to be safe we will manage entry so everyone has time to go at a pace that suits them. If you need to pass another group along the trail, we ask that you go around to the right (keep left if you are the ones being passed out). There really is plenty of space to keep everyone safe.

Group Sizes

Each booked group will stay together so we will not join people up into larger groups as we have done at other events here at Causey Farm.

Masks and Face-shields

Any staff member who will be working near other staff members or visitors will wear face shields. If there is a need to be in close proximity with a visitor or a staff member, for example when administering first aid, then facemasks will be worn.