We provide a field study programme which covers the Ecology section of the Leaving Cert Biology Syllabus. We work through and complete all the experiments, graphs and analysis on the Ecology programme.

Ecology Field Trip Plan for the Day

  • Divide into groups of 10 students
  • Introduction to facilitators, equipment and goals for the day
  • Map and describe the study area
  • Identify 5 flora and fauna and look at their habitat and adaptations
  • Use various pieces of equipment to collect animals and plants
  • Describe and draw the equipment used
  • Identify food chains and a food web
  • Qualitative and Quantitative study of area using frame and grid quadrats (frequency and % cover) and a belt transect Capture-Recapture Method, Day 1 Investigation and Explanation
  • Measure 3 abiotic factors which are relevant to the ecosystem
  • Produce a Pyramid of Numbers from the findings
  • Graph and analyse all results, keeping in mind possible sources of error
  • Look at environmental factors which may affect this ecosystem

Students must dress warmly, wear boots or wellies and bring a packed lunch and their pencil cases.
(Note: No food available to buy at the farm.)

  • Time necessary 4.5 – 5 hours so all paperwork is completed on-site.
  • Plenty of study areas for each group available on our large farm
  • Maximum group size 100 students—1 facilitator for every 10 students

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