Action packed, hands-on programme on a busy working farm. Come and gather the sheep, feed the pigs and cut the turf…

We’ll teach you a dance and have a session on the bodhráns. Everyone can make their own soda bread or cut a few sods of turf for the fire.

This is genuinely a superb way for groups to immerse themselves in Irish culture. Everyone says it is a highlight of their time in Ireland.

The programme includes:

Programme A: Visit Within the School Day

Meet the Farm Animals

cattle, hens, geese, pigs, Connemara ponies, goats and donkeys.

Bodhrán Session

Each student plays a traditional bodhrán and learns to accompany the different rhythms of traditional Irish music including jigs, polkas and reels.

Make Soda Bread

Everyone makes their own brown bread and we eat it later with butter and jam and drinks.

Bog Jumping

A Causey favourite, everyone just loves the feel of the bog between the toes and creates some of the best memories ever

Full Day Programme (up to 5 hours)

  • Make Irish Soda Bread
  • Hurling Lesson
  • Trip to the Bog on the Tractor and Trailer
  • Traditional Turf Cutting
  • Bodhrán Workshop (Traditional Drum)
  • Céilí Dancing Lesson
  • Farm Visit and Milk a Cow
  • Later in the day – for a snack, visitors eat their own bread with jam and fruit juice.
  • Sheepdog Demonstration

Tastes of Irish Culture

Learn about living Irish culture on the farm and bog.

Half Day Programme (3 hours)

  • Trip to The Bog on the Tractor andTrailer
  • Traditional Turf Cutting
  • Bodhran Class
  • Ceili Dancing Lesson
  • Farm Visit and Milk a Cow
  • Sheepdog Demonstration

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