Transition Year 1 Day Field Trip

Every year thousands of Irish teenagers got back to their roots here at Causey Farm – this is a brilliant programme for team-building and fun, and is suitable for all secondary school classes especially Transition years.

They all really love getting down to basics, eating their own home-made bread after a busy day on the farm and bog. The programme lasts for 4 hours and includes:

Bodhrán Session

Each student plays a traditional bodhrán and learns to accompany the different rhythms of traditional Irish music including jigs, polkas and reels.

Céilí Dancing

We can teach any group The Siege of Ennis – it is a fabulous class bonding activity and even the most reticent of classes are laughing before long.

Team-building Challenges

Activities designed to encourage people to stretch their capabilities and to embrace teamwork.

Trip to the Bog & Traditional Turf-Cutting

Tractor-Trailer ride down to the bog, where students discover how the bogs were formed, and the history surrounding them. Optional Bog-jumping (change of clothes required).

Sheepdog Demonstration

See how our dogs control the sheep and how they help the farmer with his work.

Farm Visit

Meet the farmyard animals and maybe even milk a cow.

Make Soda Bread

Everyone makes their own brown bread and we eat it later with butter and jam and drinks.

What to Bring

  • A good packed lunch (there is no shop here)
  • Wear your oldest clothes and bring a complete change into your second oldest clothes with you
  • Wear wellies, boots or old runners

Group Sizes

Minimum 12 students and maximum 250 students

International Students

These activities are excellent for visiting international students and we can deliver the programmes throughFrench (or as Gaeilge) if that is required. These activities are great in that they can be enjoyed even if the students have little or no English as they are very hands-on, rather than listening to someone speaking for long periods.


1 day programme (4 hours): €17 per student

Students should bring a packed lunch and wear their oldest clothes and bring a complete change into their second oldest clothes.

If you would like more information or wish to arrange a booking call us on 046 9434 135 or email us on