Fun Activity Programme

Every year thousands of Irish teenagers got back to their roots here at Causey Farm – this is a brilliant programme for team-building and fun, and is suitable for all secondary school classes.

They all really love getting down to basics, eating their own home-made bread after a busy day on the farm and bog. The programme lasts for 4 hours and includes:

Programme A: Visit Within the School Day

Meet the Farm Animals

cattle, hens, geese, pigs, Connemara ponies, goats and donkeys.

Bodhrán Session

Each student plays a traditional bodhrán and learns to accompany the different rhythms of traditional Irish music including jigs, polkas and reels.

Make Soda Bread

Everyone makes their own brown bread and we eat it later with butter and jam and drinks.

Bog Jumping

A Causey favourite, everyone just loves the feel of the bog between the toes and creates some of the best memories ever

Trip to the Bog & Traditional Turf-Cutting

Tractor-Trailer ride down to the bog, where students discover how the bogs were formed, and the history surrounding them. Optional Bog-jumping (change of clothes required).

Junior Cert Geography Field Trip

Curriculum-Based Farm Study

Students are introduced to the work on the farm. We discuss the inputs and outputs of the farm production cycle, and the work carried out from season to season. This 300 acre farm produces beef cattle, sheep, wheat and barley. We provide a study document to each student which has a number of questions to trigger their enquiries and over a morning spent visiting the fields and sheds, they can find the answers to all these questions. The information gathered will form the basis of their field study report.

Download Farm Study Document here.

Bogland Visit

Students visit a raised bog and are introduced to the history and geography and flora of Irish bogs.

Cultural Activities

Céilí dancing, bodhrán Workshop and optional Brown Bread-making.

The programme lasts 4 hours, and includes the Farm Walk, Bogland Visit and some fun cultural activities – Céilí dancing, bodhrán workshop and optional bog-jumping.

Junior Cert Ecology and Physics Field Trip

Scientific Study of an Eco-System
Students are led in a detailed investigation of both the plants and animals in the habitat, using keys to identify each. This leads to the identification of a food web. We also look at the possible threats to this habitat and the individual plants and animals growing there. Students use investigation equipment including pooters, a line transect, quadrants, magnification boxes, beating trays and a pitfall trap.

Physics Experiments

To Show that Light Travels in Straight Lines and to Explain How Shadows are Formed – A blackened out room gives these experiments real meaning. To Demonstrate and Explain the Use of a Simple Periscope – Students make a ten foot high periscope which enables students to see things outside a very high window.

The programme lasts for 4 hours, which includes the above science programmes and an hour of farm fun – bog jumping, céilí dancing or farm visit.

What our Schools Say

We have used Causey Farm to induct students in new programmes, enhance relationships with students from our twin schools in Germany and France and as incentive trips to encourage positive student behaviour in the classroom. The friendly educational and fun-filled format works every time.

Tullamore College

We are writing this letter to you on behalf of everyone in our transition year group at Ashbourne Community School. Our entire group, teachers included, all agreed that it was a fantastic experience and we all got in touch with our inner culchie as promised! We really had a brilliant day!

Ashbourne Community School

We brought Transition Years to Causey Farm not really knowing what to expect. We had a fantastic day and we’ve been back several times. Fun, educational and a great bonding experience. An absolute must for city students.

St Colmcilles Community School, Knocklyon